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Ideas Imagined, Ideas achieved

Founded in 2012 in the palm-lined metropolis of Los Angeles, Farmland Media now gives life to global brands from multiple time zones.

Confident in our knowledge of technology and design trends and curious enough to ensure we always stay that way, our team of designers and developers are experts at turning ideas, brands and businesses into compelling web and digital solutions that stand the test of time.


UI/UX Design
Intuitive interfaces for exceptional user experiences.

Web Design
We create visually appealing, brand-focused website designs.

Custom CMS Development
Tailored content management systems to meet unique business needs.

Shopify Development
Secure and high-converting online stores.

SEO Services
Boosting search engine visibility and rankings.

Mobile App Development
Expanding reach with mobile applications.


WordPress Expertise
Theme and plugin development, performance optimization, security, and migrations.

Shopify Solutions
Store design, theme development, app integrations, and API custom solutions.

Google Cloud Integration
Cloud setup, scalable architectures, database management, and AI/ML services integration.

Full-Stack Development
Expertise in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and backend technologies.

Analytics and Optimization
Web performance analytics, SEO, and CRO.